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Epson being a Japanese electronics company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality printers. Epson Printers are best suited for your home, from wireless to portable, label and all-in-one printers. Though Epson Printers are user friendly and handling it is not a difficult task yet situation occurs when you get Epson Printer Error flashing on the screen. This error need to be resolved to keep your printer working fine.
In this article, we are informing about one such error “Service Request E527”. Sometimes your Epson printer displays the error message "Service Req E527" that need to be troubleshoot.
The reason for this erroris possibly the recent replacement of a toner cartridge made by you. There may also be the possibility that one or more of the toner cartridges may not be installed correctly.

Reason of the Epson Printer Error “Service Req E527”

The error message "Service Req E527" implies that the toner go round lodging the toner cartridges is blocked, or generally unfit to pivot accurately. This issue can be caused by introducing a toner cartridge incorrectly. It is generally simple to determine this yourself by removing and reinstalling the toner cartridge.

How to Resolve the Epson Error “Service Req E527”

Below we have listed the steps to troubleshoot this error yourself. You can also contact our EpsonPrinter Support Phone Number for any help.

Step 1:Check that the toner cartridge at the front of the printer is installed correctly.

  •  Turn on the Printer
  •  Open Cover A
  • Due to the error, the toner cartridge located at front may not be accessible. If it is not, close Cover A and continue to Step 2.
o   Or if the toner cartridge does not appear to be installed correctly, try to unlock and remove it.
o   If you can remove the toner cartridge, do not reinstall it yet. Close Cover A, and then wait for the printer to warm up.
o   Install the toner cartridge when prompted, and then close Cover A.
o   Let the printer to warm up. Check if the problem resolved. Try a printing test.
o   If not, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Manually remove all of the toner cartridges. Now close all covers and restart the printer.

  • Close all the covers, and turn off the printer
  •  Open Cover B, and then remove the photoconductor unit
  •  Turn the toner carousel by hand to line up a toner cartridge with the front of the printer.
  • Open Cover A.
  • If the toner cartridge is not in position to remove it, close Cover A and repeat the steps above.
  • Remove the toner cartridge, and then close Cover A.
  • Repeat all the steps above until you have removed all four toner cartridges.
  • Reinstall the photo conductor.
  • Close all the covers, and then turn the printer on.

Step 3:Check if the "Service Req E527" error still appears.

  • Open Cover A and Cover B.
  • Check for any jammed paper, foreign objects or damaged parts.
  • If found any, remove it. Then, close all the covers and restart the printer again.
  • If the printer still not restart or showing error, then contact Epson Support for further advice.

Step 4: Reinstall the toner cartridges, and then test the printer.

  • The printer should display Install X Tnr Cart, where 'X' is K for Black, C for Cyan, M for Magenta and Y for Yellow.
  • Open Cover A, and then install the toner cartridge of the correct colour.
  • Close Cover A. Wait for the printer to warm up, and the next prompt to appear on the LCD panel.
  • Install the next toner cartridge as prompted. Repeat the above steps until you have installed all four toner cartridges.
  • If the "Service Req E527" error no longer appears, the problem should be resolved. Try printing
If the problem remains, contact Epson printer technical support phone number for further advice

Talk with our Technician at Epson Printer Tech Support

If the error still not resolved, we recommend you to talk to our Epson customer service executive toll free on given numbers. We have a big team of well experienced technicians who can resolve your entire printer related issue whether installation, configuration or others in minutes.

Just note down our Epson printer phone number +1-800-436-0509 for USA/ Canada , +44-800-046-5700 for UK and +61-1800-769-903 for Australia.

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